Your time

I never go to the cinema _______________ Mondays.

Where _______________?

Who did _______________ this summer?

'_______________ at Pizza Hut, George?' 'No, I haven't.'

My name is Tomek and I _______________ from Poland.

Lublin is _______________ city I've ever lived in.

Is this the dog _______________ master is a famous football player?

The FBI wanted to know exactly how the information _______________ stolen from the computer.

I will _______________ you tomorrow.

I think you _______________ put on your sweater, it's getting cold.

You _______________ tell anyone about this, Bart. It's our secret, OK?

What is your home town _______________?

Tom's not very interested _______________ sports.

His girlfriend likes _______________ expensive clothes.

Mike's a really _______________ person. He never cries.

It was a great meal, but pretty expensive. Just look at the _____!

The weather has been awful. We've had very _____ sunshine this week.

Maggie rarely leaves the flat without _____her make-up on.

Harry _____ his girlfriend's truck when the accident happened.

I was wondering _____ tell me when the next plane from Chicago arrives?

If I _____ you had cancelled the party, I wouldn't have showed up!

I wish I _____ in such a boring city!

I _____ TV every evening.

I like your hair. Where _____?

Kim must _____ late tonight. Her office light is still on.

Tom tells me Jack's going out with Helen, _____ I find hard to believe.

Did you hear what happened to her? She _____.

My mum always _____ the cleaning in our house.

I always _____ milk in my coffee.

Miranda just burst into _____ when Batman didn't die.

Could you _____ me your car for a couple of days, please?

I will call you as soon as I _____ to the office.

If you _____ me, what would you do?

I don't know where _____ last night.

By the time Emily gets here, the concert _____.

The Smiths are coming to visit us tomorrow but I wish _____.

I'm so hungry! If only Tosh _____ all the hot dogs from the fridge!

I regret _____ English more closely.

I'd rather _____ next weekend, but I do!

Can you give me a _____ with my car? It appears to have broken.

Before you enter the race, please bear in _____ that you're older than last year!

The meeting was _____ and not very interesting.

She's very beautiful but that kind of woman doesn't _____ to me.

Knocker was only the boy's ______. His real name was Jerry.

They _____ him of scratching the car.

She _____ at me and then turned away.

We discussed the house plans _____ our way to the shops.

We can finish the rest of the eggs for _____.

If she doesn't _____ my sight at once, I'll scream!

If we _____ the contract, would you agree to all our demands?

That building was _____ to open in 2012.

Polar bears are in _____ of dying out.

We can rely on his advice - He's known to have excellent ______ in modern art.

Nobody ______ the crash.

The British have never ______ to flat dwelling in the way that other Europeans have.

It's interesting how the rumour about my promotion began to ______.

I wouldn't ______ their position in the market, they'll be very influential soon.

This pupil is notorious for playing ______ from his mathematics lessons.

Rachel's been in her mum's bad ______ since she arrived home drunk last weekend.

I've always wanted to see the west _____ of Scotland from the sea.

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