Polish for Foreigners
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If you are planning to study, travel, work or simply stay in Poland - Avalon will help you get by, understand the Polish people and get yourself understood.

Our teaching method is the tested and effective communicative approach. Thanks to our experience we understand how important it is to teach you the language and not the abstract structures. We believe that our role is to make you speak and understand Polish, not to lecture you. The instructor will be there to guide and moderate the class, while it is you who are supposed to speak, not the teacher.

We try to communicate in Polish in all contexts and will resort to English only in emergency. We employ modern media as we believe the language is alive and should be taught using modern tools. We use authentic materials to show you that Polish is a vivid and changing language.

If you would like to learn authentic Polish and see instant effects - Avalon is there to help you achieve your goal.



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